10 Annie St at Market St, San Francisco, Ca 94103

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Mon & Tues: 5pm-Midnight

Wed, Thu, & Fri: 5pm-2am

Sat: 6pm-2am


Phone: 1-415-649-6952
(415) 508-3296
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Steeped in history, the Dawn Club is a gorgeous downtown San Francisco gathering place where guests can experience delightful cocktails, the finest of whiskies & spirits, lively, boisterous, invigorating music, and a superior level of service.

Providing an outstanding hospitality experience is central to our intention and purpose here at the Dawn Club. Our art deco inspired atmosphere serves to complement that intention with its very own eclectic personality and style.

The original Dawn Club existed in the same Monadnock Building on Market Street in the 1930's and 1940's. The Dawn Club became the epicenter of the Great Revival in San Francisco. Originally a speakeasy during prohibition, the club was located on Annie Street beside the Palace Hotel featuring a variety of bands and musicians.

During the War Years of 1940 to 1945, its jazz shows, titled "Air Shots From The Dawn Club" were broadcast on long wave radio throughout the Pacific Region on Friday and Saturday nights. These shows served to re-establish immense interest in what became known as the original "San Francisco Jazz Style". Many of these broadcasts were recorded live and set to vinyl, many of which we are proud to display at the new Dawn Club.

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